Chrome Camouflage


Speed Demon Hot Rod Shop is still the front-runner in bringing you Demonites the hottest trends before they’re hot!  We’ve done it again with the latest in camouflage!

May we present to you —  CHROME CAMOUFLAGE!



Nay! It will do the exact opposite, fellow demonites! This camouflage will turn heads left and right, up and down, above and below!

This is our newest in flashy designer camo and we can bring it to you with our new line of metallic prints! We gotta keep ahead of the pack to keep you guys and gals fitted with the most eye-popping designs. To do this, we’ve got our artists chained in the garage, busily designing new, cool, and hot designs!

Why do we do this? For you! We want to help you wrap your world and these metallic chrome camo patterns are something that everyone will notice!

What can you wrap with our SILVER CHROME CAMOUFLAGE? We’re so glad you asked!!

Wrap your car, your truck, your boat, your ATV, your UTV, your toolbox, your lunch box, your sand box, your trailer, your laptop, your dog, your cat, and yes, even your parakeet! Everything will look shiny and new when wrapped in a Speed Demon Metallic Chrome Camo!

We’ve got our camos in several styles. If you want the traditional U.S. World War II look, we’ve re-designed the Duck Hunter Pattern just for you. If you want more European, take a look at our version of British WWII Brush Stroke Pattern. And if you are thinking uber-modern, check out our digital! All, just for you, Demonites! We’ve redesigning all the camouflage patterns to keep you way above the rest!  Not just above the rest, but far above the rest!

Our GREENGUARD Certified Ink guarantees that your wrap is environmentally friendly.