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Golf Cart Wraps & Graphics

Golf Cart Wrap advertising is one of the fastest growing advertising solutions, because it works.

You can reach tens of thousands of people for a few hundreds dollars! Every person on the golf course, every person in your neighborhood as you drive that cart home, every person that drives by and sees it parked. Turn your golf cart into more than just a recreational vehicle! Turn it into a rolling billboard! Or a giant business card that won’t fit in the viewer’s wallet!


Don’t need to advertise? Just customize!

 We do that too. Your golf cart doesn’t have to promote a business, it can just promote YOU! 

Nothin’ like driving your very own customized golf cart around your favorite golf courses. We are here to make sure you get noticed!

We Design, Print, and Install the Hottest Vinyl Wraps in the Spokane, Post Falls, & Coeur d’Alene areas. We also offer our wraps online so you can install them yourself if you’re into the DIY thing. Our Vinyl Wraps LOOK like custom paint jobs. And we should know because back in the day custom paint jobs is what we did! Since the creation of the large format printer we can now offer a full-color vinyl print that wraps around your golf cart at a fraction of the cost of the old-school paint job. Wraps are available in many colors, patterns, and styles.  You want this on your golf cart. We are here to put this on your golf cart.