Professional muralists. We do custom artwork and murals. We can do many different styles of murals such as portraits, still lifes, and even large-scale 3D / mixed media wallscapes. We can create the 3D wallscape in your space, or we can digitally paint it on mural canvas in our studio and then bring it ready to hang like a wall wrap.

When murals are added to areas where people live  and work they can have a positive effect on the outlook and spirit of clients or the public or they be used to promote your business.

A wall mural can be for businesses, home theaters, garages, dining rooms, bathrooms, living rooms or a child’s bedroom or nursury. They are popular in day cares and services that provide to children such as pediatricians.

A beautiful, custom mural can be designed on a specific theme and incorporate personal images and elements. The personal interaction between client and muralist is vital in determining what the final product of the art should be, and this often an interesting experience for someone not usually involved in the arts.

Speed Demon has been creating hand drawn murals and custom auto finishes for 25 years. We have hundreds of customized cars, walls in garages, body-shops, tattoo shops, bars, and more.

We work with each client to create the perfect mural or wall finish to enhance their space.




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