Custom Art Styles

The Different Types of Custom Art we offer.

Mixed Media – Airbrush –  Acrylic – Digital 

Art Styles Explained

Below are the custom art styles the we can paint with Famous Artist know for that Style.

The hardest to do is Photo Realism and it cost the most. $$$$$$
Abstract is fastest and easiest and it cost the least $

Photo Realism – art styles where the illusion of reality is created through paint so the result looks more like a large, sharply focused photo than anything else.
Richard Estes 
Ralph Goings 
Robert Bechtle

Realism – It looks very similar  real life.
Leonardo Da Vinci 
Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec 
Honore Daumier 

Surrealism – generally based on dreams. Very strange and mysterious. the aim of the picture is to show an item in a different way 
Salvador Dali 
Henri Rousseau 
Max Ernst

Kustom Kulture   – powerful  imagery formed by tattoo art, surf culture, cartoons and hot rods.
Ed Roth
Ed Newton
Morgan Knocker
Caricaturize – make or give a comically or grotesquely exaggerated representation of (someone or something)
Mad Magazine
Ed Newton
Lenn Redman

abstract – the art consists of colour and shape to represent emotion. the painting wasn’t to what is would appear to be in real life. 
Sonia Delaunay 
Jackson Pollock 
Pam Sanders 

pop art – it stands for popular art. contains interesting everday objects in bright colours. it’s inspired by comic strips, ads and popular entertainment. 
Andy Warhol 
Roy Lichtenstein 
David Hockney 

cubism – the painting uses many geometric shapes. 
Pablo Picasso 
Marc Chagall 
Georges Braque 

expressionism – the artist is more concerned on how the feel about the object rather than what is looks like. 
Wassily Kandinsky 
Ludwig Kirchner 
Edvard Munch 

impressionism – the painting looks as if the artist took one quick glance at the subject. it is presented in bold colour and not much detail. 
Claude Monet 
Mary Cassett 
Pierre Auguste Renoir 

pointillism – many dots of paint make up a pointillism picture. by far away, they blend together. 
Paul Seurat 
Paul Signac 
Chuck Close 

Postimpressionism – still life and landscapes. used alot of colour and shadows. 
Vincent Van Cogh 
Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec 
Paul Gauguin 

Primitivism – Art which looks like it’s been painted by a child. Very plain, simple and 2-d 
Paul Klee 
Henri Matisse