About Morgan Knocker

 Please meet our amazing artist, Morgan Knocker!

Morgan has 27 years experience in the Auto Graphics/ Custom Painting business. He as seen impressive advancements in the field of custom auto graphics and related art and was at the forefront of the whole vehicle wrap explosion.


When Morgan was but a young pup he had the lucky opportunity to work with an amazing custom auto painter. This guy, Gene, was not only uber-talented, but picky beyond belief. But it was a great chance for Morgan to learn from the best.

Now, Morgan not being such a young pup anymore, has 27 years of experience customizing vehicles, both with paint and with vinyl. He’s developed his own style and he can mimic many others to get you just the look you want!

Take a look though our pages and see some of his artwork. Let us know what you like, or what we can do for you!