Rocker Panel Camouflage Wrap Kits

Rocker Panel Camouflage Wrap Kits /

Lower Door Camouflage Wrap Kits

Personalize your truck with our Rocker Panel Camouflage Wrap Kits

Speed Demon Hot Rod Shop is here to wrap your world! That includes your truck! If you don’t have a truck, you need to go get one!

We’ve got a slew of patterns for you Demonites to choose from! And we have matching tailgate patterns.

Are you looking for STEALTH? We’ve got realistic and military style camo patterns. We’ve got WWII styles like the U.S. duck hunter and the more modern realism styles like our Dead Duck camo or the Everglades camo.

Are you looking for FLASH? We’ve got digital camos in all kinds of colors and we’ve got crazy patterns that will be sure to get people looking your way!

Look at our focal point pieces too if you really want to personalize your truck! Want a truck that intimidates? What could do that better than a skull lurking in the shadows of your vinyl wrap!

We’ve got 3 different heights to choose from. If you want a lot of coverage, we have our 16″ high rocker panel wrap kit. If you want just a nice accent, we’ve got the 12″ high rocker panel wrap kit. And for you middle-grounders, we’ve got the 14″ rocker panel wrap kit.

We sell our vinyl is 4’4″ sections so it’s easy to handle. Each kit gives you 8 pieces for a total length of 34′. That’s 17 feet on each side! Easier to work with and more to work with. Because we want your wrap to look professional regardless of if you hire a professional installer or you do it yourself with your buddies out in the garage.

Semi-gloss finish or Matte finish

We also have matching Tailgate Wraps for our camouflage patterns.

With all these options of sizes and patterns, there’s no excuse! Get out there and wrap your world!