Snap-on Graphic Vinyl Toolbox Wraps

We’ve got wraps for your Snap-on toolboxes. Because everything in your toolbox is your world and we’re here to help you wrap it! Be the envy of desk jockeys who just get fake plants and pictures of their kids! You get a custom vinyl wrap for your Snap-on toolbox!! Who’s got the better deal here! Yeah, you know you do!

We’ve got all kinds of themes. Almost any design we have can be put on your toolbox to make it look freakin’ amazing. We’ve got flames, and skulls, and skulls in flames! We’ve got camouflage and tribal designs in just about any style you can imagine! We’ve got bomber chicks and Demons!

We print to order, laminate to ensure long life, and then send it to you in pre-cut easy to install pieces designed specifically for Snap-on toolboxes.  If you want something custom, like a caricature of your favorite car or your business logo, we can do that for you! Just drop us a line.

You can find out more about our Snap-on tool box Graphics Wrap Kits by contacting us at 1-844-TOY-WRAP or emailing us at