Polaris Pro RMK Rush Snowmobile Wraps

Polaris Pro RMK Rush Snowmobile Sled Wraps – Speed Demon Style!

We’ve got wrap! Polaris Pro RMK Rush 2011-2015

Polaris Pro RMK Rush – the high performance snowmobile that we have one word for – horsepower!

Then we have three more words… .wrap that baby!

If you’re a northern dwelling demonite, you probably know a little something about snow. Snow exists for one reason, and one reason only. To tame it! And tame it you will on your bad ass Speed Demon wrap! We have a line of Snowmobile Graphic Wrap Kits so eye popping and head twisting that eyes will literally pop out, old men will drool, and moms will drop their babies!

And if that’s not enough, we can add more! If you want what we’ve got, but in a different color, we can do that! If you want what we’ve got, but you think your teams’ name or number should be on there, we can do that too! If we don’t have what you want, we can start from scratch and do it again! Everything from caricatures, to true flame, to sharpie art, to your mom’s face. We can customize your order so it looks like your wrap was designed for you, and you alone!

But wait, there’s more! We know not all of you are professional wrap installers. We design our wraps with that in mind. While we always recommend a professional installer, we know many of you will want to do it yourselves. And that’s why we make sure our wraps are user friendly. And then to top it off, we include a video to show you how to do it!

We have these kits designed to enhance your RMK. Because they’re designed to be easy to install, they come in smaller sections to fit certain areas of your vehicle. It won’t cover all of the existing color so be sure to pick a wrap that will work with your color. Or contact us if you want us to change the color on the wrap to match your snowmobile’s paint.


For you demonites that don’t know, all of our snowmobile wrap graphics are hand drawn by our in house artist, MorganKnocker. He’s got 25 years of professional art experience with a focus on art for moving vehicles. Now he’s chained in our art studio, pumping out ideas and art, just for you!

We don’t start the printing process until you order! But under most circumstances we can have your order in the mail within 3-5 days so you don’t have to wait long for your wrap.

If you don’t find just the look you’re looking for, shoot us an email. We’re here to help you wrap your world. Because it’s your world!